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The Plaza

A place to cultivate ambition

The Plaza, the landmark building that has held an iconic spot on Liverpool’s skyline since 1965, is set to be re-imagined as Bruntwood Works embarks on a major £3m transformation to create a workspace environment that’s designed to build and enhance community connection. 

The design-led approach, which will blend work and lifestyle to transform the amenities and experience for the building’s community and guests, nods back to the spirit and aspirations of the 1960s. The bold and expressive interiors have been designed to evoke a sense of action encouraging collaboration, community and productivity.

The communal spaces have been specifically designed to harbour connections with like-minded individuals and encourage its thriving and ambitious community to work collectively. A partnership with renowned Liverpool operator GSG Hospitality will provide a cafe, bar, restaurant to create a vibrant and welcoming space on the ground floor to complement the customer lounge and coworking suites.

Active travel and fitness will also be supported with 142 bike spaces, 18 showers and a new wellness studio to host fitness classes. 

As with all Bruntwood Works Pioneer projects, wellbeing remains central to the project as Bruntwood Works continues to create spaces that actively enhance work life balance and improve the wellbeing of its communities. At The Plaza, this will be delivered through investment in bespoke lighting, audio zones and quiet study spaces to enhance the working environment and boost productivity, while planting and biophilic design will be integrated to boost oxygen levels, reduce stress and support improved mental health. 

To support this focus on wellbeing, smart technology will be used throughout to enhance sustainability and connectivity. For example, green-tech such as photovoltaic tiles will harness solar power and energy-saving sensors within the building will be used to optimise efficiency, while new air quality control systems will further support wellbeing and the installation of RG Nets - sophisticated and high-performance IP networks - means customers will be fully connected throughout the building. 

The Plaza is set to complete in summer 2021.